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El escondite perfecto

Te damos la bienvenida a vivir el servicio supremo de mimos para una renovación física y mental completa.

Tómate un descanso de tu rutina diaria y date el gusto de disfrutar de nuestros tratamientos relajantes diseñados para ayudarte a relajarte y reconectar con la naturaleza.

Reserva directamente con nosotros y experimenta la combinación perfecta de lujo y bienestar en Maison Dalabua.


Utilizamos solo aceites esenciales orgánicos de Asia.

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​Tratamientos Exclusivos

​Masaje especialmente diseñado para necesidades específicas mediante reflexología

y métodos de acupuntura.

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Bed view of the SPA at Maison Dalabua

Dalabua Spa

Ubicado entre estanques de lotos y exuberantes jardines tropicales, el Spa Dalabua te ofrece una amplia variedad de tratamientos en un entorno único.


Único en su estilo y reflejando la arquitectura tradicional de Luang Prabang.


60 MIN - $40 USD

An old therapeutic method of pressure points with a full body massage, using pure essential oils and their healing properties.

90 MIN - $50 USD

Lao Traditional

60 MIN - $30 USD

Initiating with foot reflexology, the therapist uses their body weight to rest on the body’s pressure points with a rhythmic repetition technique.

90 MIN - $40 USD

Head and shoulder

60 MIN - $30 USD

Blood vessel stimulating massage around the body area where most stress and anxiety is retained.

Herbal Compress Massage

60 MIN - $45 USD

A selection of therapeutic herbs wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed, and applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements to relieve pain and inflammation.

90 MIN - $60 USD

Foot Massage

60 MIN - $30 USD

The practice of manipulating reflexes points on the feet to balance the energy flow around the body, stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

Facial Treatment

60 MIN - $35 USD

Providing a deep cleansing for all skin types, the treatment starts with a purifying scrub and hydrating mask with the use of 100% natural almonds and local forest honey.

Body Scrub

60 MIN - $40 USD

Using 100% natural ingredients that nourish and give the body a beautiful healthy glow, this therapeutic scrub will buff your skin into super smooth shape.

Manicure and Pedicure


Clean-up, trimming and coloring your nails.

BOTH - $25 USD

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Hot Stone and Aromatherapy

60 MIN - $50 USD

Promotes deep muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth, water-heated stones at key point in the body to ease stiffness and increase circulation.

90 MIN - $65 USD


90 MIN - $55 USD

Specially focused on improving circulation of the skin to increase cell regeneration and sebum production to improve the skin’s suppleness and resistance to infections.

120 MIN - $70 USD


90 MIN - $55 USD

Focused on the deepest layer of muscle tissue and tendons, the massage is designed for pain relieve and ease chronic muscle tension by oxygenating the muscles.

120 MIN - $70 USD


90 MIN - $55 USD

Designed for a deep mental and physical relaxation while promoting rapid removal of toxins and waste products in the muscles due to stress and anxiety.

120 MIN - $70 USD

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