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- No single-use plastic

- Water fountains to refill throughout hotel

- Use of organic and locally sourced products

- Natural antibacterial cleaning products

- Water and electricity regulating technology in all rooms

- Restorative and organic gardening practices

- Organic waste is composted and used as fertilizer

- Water treatment technology

Experience the perfect combination of luxury and sustainability inside our cultural heritage oasis. We are commited to the wellbeing and preservation of our environment, as well as the welfare of our team members and guests through the following initiatives:​

Our Ethos

The property in which Maison Dalabua and Manda de Laos stand, has been in my family for generations.

My mum Phiew was born in 1930 in Luang Prabang, the eldest of three children. Her mother owned a small shop where she sold household goods and her father worked at the Royal Palace, where he was responsible for organizing Baci ceremonies on the occasion of royal births and other formalities. He also worked as goldsmith.

Like all young ladies in Luang Prabang of that time, Maman Phiew learned to cook traditional Lao dishes from her mother. When she married my father, they had 10 children including 5 girls, to whom she passed this knowledge and her love of cooking.

Maman Phiew's daily life was spent looking after family and her small business, and she always focused on her children's welfare, particularly their meals which required great attention. In the days before fast food and eating out, traditional dishes such as Laap, required a full day of preparation with nothing left to chance or guesswork.

Give Back

Discover how to add meaning to your upcoming trip and give back to the communities.



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